Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Top 10 songs

Yep, I've been tagged yet again this time by my mate Gazza ! Why does this keep happening to me, I am not sure ! Am I that much of an easy target ? No really I love this ! :D Anyway enough blabbing ! :P

Here are my top 10 songs:

10 - Champagne High by Sister Hazel: Brings tears into my eyes because it reminds me of my University years at Edinburgh
9 - Heaven by Bryan Adams: You can't beat that for a love song ! ;)
8 - Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams: Reminds me of my high schools days.
7 - Loser by 3 Doors Down: No reason just love this song :D
6 - Photograph by Def Leopard: 1st concert I went to in the UK was def leopards and this song was just CLASS ! B)
5 - Sultans of Swing by The Dire Straights: Great song to pump you up for a night out !
4 - Living on a prayer by Bonjovi: Again another party song for moi ! Keeps me going on all night
3 - Inside us all by Creed: Shame they split ! :(
2 - Billie Jean by Micheal Jackson: What list would be complete without it ?
1 - Broken Wings by Alter Bridge: I love this song, listen to on and on but never got bored of it !

Ok then, I tag:
Still Breathing

Now thats a tag list, we've got the taxi driver, the new mommy, the music composer and the bio student :P :D Waiting for the interesting lists ;)

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Blogger still breathing said...

ummm....i'm not a big music fan..i know nothing of songs...
i just listened to "careless whisper" in a cafe once and asked who is singing that.. coz i liked it...but thats it :)
and yea, also a friend of mine made me listen to "up" by shania twain coz she knew i'd like the lyrics..and i did...they kinda represent me...

10:03 PM

Anonymous Hashim said...

How about 'marayt 3ala babikom mara" by the one and only Ali Sea? :)

Thanks for tagging me. It'll be interesting to find out what 10 songs are my all time favorites. Haven't thought about that for a while...

Me off to compile the list.

7:48 PM

Blogger tooners said...

oh wow... this is an interesting tag and one that will be hard for me to do because i love music and have so many that are on a favorite list... but let me think about this and i'll put my list together. gosh... i may date myself!!

10:27 PM

Blogger Munther said...

Still b: Careless whisper by George Micheal? Used to love the song. But it can be depressing ! :P Love Shania Twain and I'll give "up" a shot. :)

Hashim: Didn't know that you were an Ali Bahar fan ! :D No go and do your list :D

tooners: your last bit of the comment cracked me up :D looking forward to your list

12:57 AM

Blogger gazza27 said...

Wow,never heard of sister hazel,3 doors down or alter bridge,but i will download them and let you know what i think of em,Summer of 69 is a class song,when that comes on the radio in our car everyone's singing it lol.

5:23 AM

Blogger tooners said...

i forgot to comment on your list... i like your music selections. i love 3 Doors Down and Def Leopard. Saw them in concert and they were fabulous.

ok, well, i've put together my list and will post it now. :)

11:24 AM

Anonymous Hashim said...

Done ;)

1:09 AM

Blogger Khalid said...

Nice list, 3 doors down and sister hazel are awesome and MJ, man I love his songs. I expected to see a Bon Jovi song, I think you're his biggest fan in Bahrain :).

2:06 AM

Blogger Jingo said...

3 Doors Down are totally under-rated. And Summer of 69 is a great song, although I prefer the cover by Bowling For Soup ;)

10:45 PM

Blogger gazza27 said...

I havent listened to 3 doors down yet but the other two were good,sister hazel was very Brian Adams and Alter Bridge reminded me of Nirvana,verry good.

7:01 AM

Blogger Munther said...

Jingo: I agree man ! 3 doors are very under-rated !

Gazza: Alter bridge is my number one band mate ! They seem to be the natural heirs of Nervana + Creed !

8:36 PM

Anonymous Thina said...

You write very well.

11:27 PM


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