Tuesday, February 20, 2007

To Sir, with Love

The Future is for those who believe in their dreams, these words, I got quite attached to ever since I first heard them. One of my lecturers at James Watt College (Mr. George Campbell) once told me "At the end of the day son, you'll be what ever you want, the future is for those who believe in their dreams" and ever since these words became my moto. He said do you have a dream for the future ? Do you imagine yourself in certain place ? a certain career position ? if yes, then you have to believe in the beauty of your dream, you have to believe that you will achieve this dream someday.

Never have negative thoughts and always have beautiful positive ones. Everyday take steps towards your dreams, don't believe in them for the sake of it ! Work towards them for there is no point of setting them and hoping for the best ! Make them realistic and you'll be something son. These words still ring in my ears as if I've just heard them. George, sir, I would always be grateful for all the things you taught me and for the role you played in forming my personality !

Gaffer, I owe you loads and will always miss you, I will always be grateful to you sir and will forever have trouble finding the right words to thank you.

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Blogger Khalid said...

Some nice words. I do believe in those strongly. The more you believe in your visions and dreams, the more likely they're to happen.

One thing that I took out of my mind ages ago and that is to "never think poorly" cause if you think poorly, you'll end up being poor. As they say think like a billionaire and you might just end up being one.

Good to know that he really inspired you, I'd be :).

1:24 AM

Blogger gazza27 said...

Respect,a thing that got lost in England,a long time ago glad to see that some young people have it,take care?

6:22 AM

Blogger Munther said...

Khalid: Mr Campbell played a big role in my James Watt years ! Not only did he teach me he was like a father to me ! I tried to find his email at the college site but that yielded nothing ! Seems that the college stopped publishing email addresses of its staff on the net for some reason ! :(

Gazza: We have the same problem here, but probably in a lesser scope ! I say we need proper punishments brought back to education just like the olden days ! :x

7:37 PM

Blogger tooners said...

nice words for a lecturer to give you and ones that you should strong believe in. i believe like your lecturer.... it's good that there are ppl out there that motivate others in this way.

10:30 PM

Blogger Stjernesol said...

I really liked this post...

11:16 PM


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