Friday, March 16, 2007

Stress & Vacation Planning

So it had been a while since my last post ! I can't believe how busy I have been lately, :x work is eating a lot of my time ! :( And when I am back home from the office, the only thing I can do is basically eat, catchup with the family and sleep ! NO TIME whats so ever for posts ! I am getting to the point where I really do need a vacation ! Which I am planning to have in August. :) I am not one of those who stresses up easily but I am dieing for a time out ! So where am I off to ? Well, I haven't decided yet, but London is right up there on the list, not far behind is Sunny Spain B) but I am currently leaning towards London just because of the fact of K living there and it would be great to reunite with him and get into more nutty mischief :D after all what could be a better hunting ground than the metropolitan streets of London ! And before somebody cracks up with a cheeky comment, NO ! Soho is NOT one of them ! ;) B) Anyway gotta check out now guys, will be back soon with a proper post for yous ! ;)

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Blogger tooners said...

london => hunting ground

hmmmm... sounds like nothing more than trouble! ;)

where ever you go... have a wonderful time!

i can't wait for our next vacation which will def be the States... but prob won't be until next feb. i'll prob be dying by that time too!

11:01 AM

Blogger Khalid said...

I think you read my mind, I was going to post a similar thread this weekend. Am in the same boat as you, just need a break a bit as things are piling up to the sky at the moment. It will all pay off, just a bit of a struggle now.

Take your time, think of what you wanna do, am sure you'll have fun :).

Tooners, am sure you'll be alive and smiling by next year :).

8:22 PM

Blogger gazza27 said...

If you go for the London holiday and do a trip to liverpool you's can stay at ours if ye want,got a put u up bed in the loft.

4:53 AM

Anonymous MooDy said...

=\ been in that loop for 5 years now ...
i say go somewhere else , oh ya ... go visit Alaa in Boston , hes expecting us ( his friends ) to give em a visit ...

give him a call , if you need his contact , u know how to reach Moi .

8:57 PM

Blogger Munther said...

Hello all..

tooners: Waiting for another year ? I think you'll find the waiting period shorter than you expect, especially with your and Hashim's hands being full with baby Nayif. How's he btw ? :)

Khalid: Great minds think alike ! Do you feel like staying at London? or jetting to Spain ?

gazza: Cheers mate ! :) Liverpool is in the plan to ! You know why ! ;):)

Moody: BOSTON ? You are making me drool ! The US of A is very tempting ! Would the Mrs allow you to go though ? :P

9:51 PM


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